How to Text Your Barber

So this is one of those topics that a lot of barbers love to talk about. It's not the biggest thing but it makes a greatest difference on how your barbers think of you Average Joe's. I kid you not, it will make everyone's life easier. By everyone, I meant you and your barber.

With that being said, let's get on with it!




Here's the guide on "How to Text Your Barber." The Do's and Do-Not's


The Do-Not's


example 1.

You: Yo Yo what's up man. How you doing?

Barber: I'm good my dude thank you for asking. What's up, you need a cut?

You: Yea man, I do. I need a haircut bad! You got any openings today?

Barber: Yea, I do. The only opening I got is at 3:30pm today. You wanna take it?

You: Oh nah man, I can't make that. You got anything later?

Barber: Nah man, that's all I have today. Sorry my dude.

You: MANNNN you cant do a homie a favor, after hours? or can you cut me up at the house?


Why is this bad? Well, two reasons. 

1. You didn't give the barber a time frame. He answered, assuming you were free all day. How is he supposed to know what time you're free and what time you're not. Never assume.

2. Everyone is a homie when they need a haircut. (Let that sink in) Not only was the response kind of rude, but selfish as well. Asking a barber, who just finished a 12 hour shift, to cut your hair after work is like asking a chef to cook after his 14 hour all day shift. Don't get me wrong, we all understand emergencies, but respect his time and life. Barbers don't just breath eat and cut. They have a normal life like everyone else.


example 2.

You: Hey man, hope you're doing good. How's everything going?

Barber: I'm doing alright my dude, everything good? What's up?

You: Yea man, everything is going great. Life is chill. Just ready to get off work.

Barber: That's nice man, I'm glad everything is smooth.

You: Yea, thanks. Ill be off in like a hour. Probably going to grab some food right after.

Barber: Food sounds nice about now. You good? You need a cut?

You: It does! YEA!!!! I do! Do you have any time after work?


Why is this bad?

DO NOT SMALL TALK A BARBER! This conversation could've ended with 3 text messages. Before you "small talk" your barber keep in mind that your barber is probably texting you in between haircuts. Respect his time and he'll respect yours while you're in his chair.


The Do's


example 1.

You: Yo what up! Looking to get a haircut this week anytime after 6pm. Let me know!

Barber: Hey! Yea, I can put you in at 6:45pm tomorrow. Sounds good?

You: Perfect! Lock me in. See you then!



Done deal! Respected his/her time and literally finished the conversation in 3 messages. Don't get me wrong, barbers appreciate the talks they have with their clients. But save it for the appointment. That's your moment to spill everything out. Get straight to the point and save the small talk for later. 

example 2.

You: Hey man. Do you have anything after 7pm tomorrow?

Barber: Yo! My dude, I'm sorry. I actually don't. Want to do another day?

You: I'm going to be out of town the following days after tomorrow. But I really need a haircut. If you are willing to cut after hours or possibly take me first thing in the morning I can pay you extra my dude. I know you're busy and all but if you could do me this favor, I will make your time worth while. Let me know if you can. If you can't, no worries. I understand. I should've made the appointment sooner.

Barber: 6am tomorrow?



Not only was the client straight to the point in the beginning but he also acknowledged the fact that he screwed up and didn't make the appointment sooner. Your barber will appreciate this. Trust me! Recognizing that your barber will be doing you a really huge favor is always nice to hear you say. I'm not saying it always works but I bet he'll consider you if he thinks he can come in sooner or stay in later. Whatever it is, your barber will appreciate it. 


If your barber does make an adjustment to his schedule. FOR GOD'S SAKE, tip your barber great. Not good. GREAT. This man/woman just cut an hour of sleep for you. Acknowledge that!



So there you have it!

Next time you decide to text your barber, remember these conversations. Your barber will greatly appreciate it.

Which will lead to a happy barber. 

Which will lead to a better service.

Which will lead to a better haircut.

Which will lead to a happier you.

Which will ULTIMATELY lead to you getting noticed, getting a job, or even getting you laid.


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