How to Postpone Balding

As some of us men get older, we tend to lose hair from the top of our heads and begin to gain in places we don't want. There's a very few of us, and I mean a few, that will take their full head of hair to the grave with them. It's a vicious cycle but it's part of life. We can't change mother nature(as of right now). We have to let it take its course and accept whatever comes! 


The nice thing about mother nature is that it allows us to postpone a couple of things. Luckily hair can be one of them. 


Here's a list of things you can do in order to postpone your balding. (naturally)


Disclaimer: The content on this post is not proven. This list was made by information passed on in the barbershop. Some are scientifically proven and some are just theories handed down from generation to generation.


1. Massaging Your Scalp

Back in Medieval times, Kings would have their heads massaged on a weekly bases. The belief was that forcing the blood back to the head would prevent balding. To this day, scientist have proven that men, who are suffering from balding, have some sort of problem with blood circulating to the scalp of their head. So, next time you get back from work, have your lady massage your head. Who knows? It can potentially lead to having her shift down to another head us men have in common. That’s if you play your cards right!


2. Onion Juice

Normally, I’m the one giving advice on balding at the barbershop. But because I was interested, I started asking a few of my clients and the most common answer was rubbing onion juice on the scalp. I’ve, personally, never tried it but some of my clients swear by it. There’s even mixtures that you can create with either honey or garlic. I was told back in the Dominican Republic they prevent balding by mixing grinded up garlic, onion juice and a bit of water, then apply it to the scalp for about 15 to 30 mins.  Scientifically proven or not, if it works, it works!


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3. Lavender, Lemongrass or Almond Oil 

So the more and more I read about nutrients and scalps the more I came to the conclusion that almond, lemongrass and lavender oil are the strongest ingredients which prevent balding. These oils are known to be anti fungal, strengthen hair follicles, and provide vital nutrients for the scalp. In india, men who suffer from bald patches around their head have women massage lavender oil directly on those areas on a daily bases. It works for some and for some it doesn’t. 


4. Some Sun and Vitamin D


The sun can be harmful but it can also save your scalp. The Sun Provides nutrients like vitamin D for the skin which is essential to your follicles on your head. Recent studies has shown that vitamin D can create and restore dormant follicles-(little pores where new hair can grow.) Other than sun, I suggest eating foods with high amounts of Vitamin D (milk, fish, green veggies).


5. Stop Wearing a Hat!

We all love wearing hats! We have to represent our home teams! What way is better than throwing on a fitted cap from where we're from?—Believe it or not. That fitted cap is going to cut some circulation from our head. It’ll make your scalp lack blood supply. Do yourself the favor and let your scalp breathe. I’m pretty sure everyone at your work knows, by now, who you representing!


6. Reduce Stress

Stress can cause many, many issues. High blood pressure, anxiety, greying of hair, low sex drive and even hair loss. I’ve had many clients sit in my chair and explain how stressed they’ve been and how losing their hair is becoming a "now" issue. I reassure them that the hair loss can be a momentary problem due to stress. After reassurance, some clients have returned with filled in spots. SO, cut the stress out before the stress kills your hair!


Hopefully this helps as much as I learned myself. I know it can be frustrating dealing with hair loss


Just remember going bald isn’t the end of the world. Some go bald at the age of 25, some bald at 40, and some(Lucky Bastards) don’t even bald at all. Hair doesn’t make you who you are. You are a man with or without hair! Your lady will still love you. Your family will still love you. You’ll still have your job. Nothing will change UNLESS you let it change it. Your hair doesn’t make you who you are. You is what makes you who you are!