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1118 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109


January 2017

From the first time coming here, this barber shop feels like getting my haircut amongst friends in a lively community atmosphere, all the barbers here are great, I even notice that when I'm getting my haircut inside at Locals that the entire barbershop and it's clients are talking and laughing and having a great time which makes getting the haircut even more enjoyable. For the reasons above and the fantastic cuts I get there, it's nice to know I got somewhere to go get my haircut every two weeks. Locals deserve a standing ovation.

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Locals Barbershop, being a small but locally owned business, is always on the look out to get involved with the community it’s currently serving in. Our goal is to eventually link up with organizations and schools, around our neighborhood, to provide a better experience not just for us but the locals around it. Let’s Link Up!

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