Trending Haircuts #2

New Year. New me... Right? Well, before you start to hit the gym and start making diet changes, how about we start with getting a haircut. After all, recreating the perception of a man starts with a haircut.

Side parts are still trending and boy do they still look good.

Check out these trending haircuts 

Gabe Sendejas | San Francisco, CA | Instagram

Braulio Gonzalez | San Jose, CA | Instagram

James Ryan Aragon | San Mateo, CA | Instagram

Chase Mckim | Livermore, CA | Instagram

Gabe Sendejas | San Francisco, CA | Instagram

Tim Avalos | San Francisco, CA | Instagram

Juan Sosa | San Francisco, CA | Instagram

Martin Mejia | Burlingame, CA | Instagram

Gabriel Sendejas

At a young age, Gabe discovered his love and passion in the male grooming industry. With 10 years behind the chair, he has had the privilege of being the Lead Barber in the voted "best barbershop" in San Francisco, has been part of several Fashion Hair Shows and has been to countless, contracted, private events. His achievements have been driven by his family, charisma, and his efforts to do whatever he can to make someone else's life easier.