What is a Taper?

Have you ever agreed to a taper and not know what it is?

Have you ever been scared to try a taper because you think it goes down to skin?

Do you even know what a taper is?

This post is going to answer all of these questions and much more. You will pretty much get the break down on "The Taper."

What is a taper?


diminish or reduce or cause to diminish or reduce in thickness toward one end.

Now what does it mean in the barbershop?

It's not rocket sciences! It means the length of the hair reduces size in the "temple" area and/or in the "nape" area....Got it? No?

Let's dummy it down for all y'all knuckleheads.

It pretty much means the hair gets shorter on the sideburns and the neck area. Got it? No? Shit, at this point stop reading and head to the barbershop. Ask for a taper. You'll know.

Here's a visual explanation.

Not all tapers are "bald" tapers

There are so many times when I recommend a taper to a client and they refuse because they think it goes down to skin. I mean, yes it can go down to skin but that's just one of the few. Tapers come in different shapes and sizes. 



Examples of Different Tapers


Long on top + Size 4 on the sides + Size 2 on the neck? TAPERED

Size 3 all around + Bald on the neck and sideburns? TAPERED

Finger length on top + Size 4 on the sides + Size 2 on sideburns + Bald on the neck? TAPERED

Get the picture?

Who's it for?

Let's be honest, if you're not getting your hair tapered, you're stuck in the 70's and probably rocking a mullet(which isn't necessarily a bad thing). It's definitely recommended for everybody to get a bit of a taper. 

The benefits?

The haircut looks a little bit cleaner, the ladies love the shorter hair on the back of the neck, and the haircut can last a tad bit longer.


Get a Taper.