How to Make Your Barber NOT Hate You

So it's that time of the month again..

It's the beginning or end of the day, and you're headed to the local barbershop.  That thought of your barber trimming away that, clown like, hair you've been growing for weeks.  How you'll be able to sit back and relax.  Pound back that nice and cold 12 oz. "brewski" while you wait your turn.  A pleasurable experience one might say.  


Have you ever wondered if it goes the same way for both ends? How does your barber really feel about you? 


Here is a list of ways on how to make your barber NOT hate you.


1. Don't be EXTRA picky!

It's "your" haircut.  You have every right to to get what you want.  I mean, you are paying for it.  Minor adjustments to the haircut is never going to bother your barber. But, to start picking at little things and having him do the same thing twice.  That's pushing it.  Go in there knowing what size you want on the sides and the top.  Which brings me to my next point.

2. Know what you want

"I don't know" should never be the answer when your barber asks you "what do you want?" Not only is it annoying, but it'll push the barber back on his time. Be courteous enough to respect his time and his money.  When you sit down in his chair, you should at least know what you're aiming for.  If you really don't, come in with some pictures and let your barber work his magic.


3. Come Prepared

If you're not sure on what you want done with your hair, you should at least come in with some pictures. Surf the web, find some examples that you really like. If you have Instagram, BarbershopconnectKevin Luchmun and Geeyourlocalbarber are great references to bring into the barbershop. Even pictures of your favorite celebrity's haircut is helpful.  Anything is better than nothing.

4. Don't be LATE

I've asked many barbers, and that's one answer mostly all have in common.  They hate it when someone shows up late.  Once in a while is ok, "shit happens." But once you make it a habit...  No barber is going to want you in his chair.  It's almost like not respecting the barbers time. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead.  Show up early and expect to leave late.  You might just want to stay longer in the "Man Cave."


5. Don't wear a HAT

As a kid, I remember constantly going into the barbershop with a hat. I didn't think anything of it until one day the barber pulled me aside and told me, "why do you always come in with a hat? It fucks up the whole haircut.  I don't want you coming in here with a hat again." What did I end up doing?  Yup, you bet your ass off I stopped bringing it. Make his job easier and don't bring a hat.  If you do, sincerely apologize and bring him a coffee.  That'll do the trick.

6. DO NOT come in with PRODUCT

I really don't have to explain this one.  It's common courtesy.  Respect his time and profession.  Don't start to complain when he's pulling and tugging on your "gunked up" head.  That's your fault.  If you just got off work, simply go to the bathroom and wash it out while you wait for your turn.  I'm pretty damn sure he'll appreciate the little gesture.


Now, do yourself a favor. GET A HAIRCUT. You probably need it.