What Hair Product Should I Use?

Not to generalize, but like most men, you probably have a tough time trying to figure out what hair product is more suitable for your hairstyle. It's OK. Every guy has struggled with this subject at one point in their life. There's a ton of products out there, so trust me when I say this. "You're not the only one."

It can get pretty annoying when you "go in blind," not knowing what kind of product leaves what kind of results. Especially when you buy it.

Are you going for a matte(dry) finish? Or maybe a shine finish? Do you want volume to your hairstyle? Or how about a textured hairstyle? Do you want a strong hold or a light hold? Not sure? Hopefully, this list of products can help you decide on your next product you purchase.


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1. Texturizing Paste


Typically this product comes in white or a light beige color. It's a real settle cream/paste that will spread throughout your palms pretty easily. The point of this product is to really enhance textured hairstyles(different lengths in one or different parts of your scalp/usually reduces the "weight" of the hair)

You can apply this product to dry(better results) or slightly damp hair.

The results of this product varies but will, most of the time, finish with a mid to low shine and a not hard, but soft crunchy feel to your hair.


2. Pomade


Pomades. One of the most tampered with products in the market. Because the product can be easily modified, this stuff comes in different colors and with different "heaviness." Some come with fiber and some come with more of a "vaseline" feel. You remember Greasers? Yea this was there stuff.

You can apply this product to slightly damp hair or when your hair is dry. But, make sure too wet your comb first. If you don't, you might pull out some of your hairs because this stuff is a mid to strong hold and a mid to high shine.

Pomades vary, but normally this stuff is usually water-soluble(washes out with water).


3. Styling Wax


This stuff usually applies wet but finishes off dry. A small pinch of this can can take you a long way. Especially if you're looking for volume. If you have textured hairstyle, this stuff will show it off for you. Works great for a messy hairstyle or adding volume by going against the root of your hair.

It's always better to apply this product when your hair is dry. Most styling waxes will "loosen" when in contact with water. 

Wax will normally finish off really dry and range from low to strong hold. It honestly just depends on what kind you buy.


4. Styling Cream


The most minimalistic(natural look) product you can apply. Sometimes this product can feel like lotion in your hands. It's a very light product with little to "natural" shine and has a very light to mid hold. This cream is very easy to apply. It looks great on short and longer hair. You know Bradley Cooper, yea? Well I bet you he uses this stuff. 

I recommend to apply this product dry but there's no harm in applying it to damp hair.

Like I said. Very light product and very easy to wash out.


5. Clay


The "Heavy Duty" stuff. This stuff Is one of the toughest products to get out of your hair but you can achieve literally most hairstyles. This stuff was made to work with you and not against you. It's super easy to re-style over and over again. The thing that's so great about this product is that it always listens to what you want it to do. Forward, backwards, sideways, you name it!

Clay is usually a tough product to work throughout your palms, but once warmed up, it's real easy to apply.

Typically this product will leave you with a semi matte finish with strong hold, but if applied to damp hair you can get a low to mid shine look with mid to high hold finish.


Hopefully this gives you a brief understanding of some of the products out there available to you. You can read, and read, and read, but at the end of the day you won't really know what is more suitable for you until you try the product in hand. Go to some of the barbershops near you. Most carry a variety of products that you can test yourself. 


If you have any questions Please feel free to shoot us an email and we'll get back to you pronto. Peace!

- GYLB -