Wahl "5 Star" Hero Review


Overall Rating

I was extremely excited once I added this to my collection. I've heard nothing but good things about this "Hero." So, I figured "what the heck, why not?" So, I added it to my cart and patiently waited for this bad boy to arrive. 


Buying clippers can lead to addiction.

Buy slowly and accordingly.

You will go broke!



Size and Weight

When I first picked up these clippers, I was surprised to how small and lightweight they felt. I kid you not, they feel paperless. Almost like a toy! Regardless of the weight and size, they felt OK in the hand. The dimple they included on the design made it a bit more comfortable to hold in the hand. Sadly that dimple was intended for "righties" only.

To all lefties: Ive occasionally seen some lefties work with Hero's. Some don't mind it! But if you do, you might have to consider something else due to the design. 


As a professional barber, I was amazed how these little guys hit. They take down the hair pretty good. Actually, SUPER GOOD. considering their size that is. I had no problem bringing hair down to damn near skin with these clippers. Don't let the size full you, they pack a punch.


Considering how small they are, they're nowhere near quiet as the famous Andis T-Liners. But most certainly not as loud as the Wahl Detailers. With constant use around the ears and clean up work, these guys can irritate one's ear after some time. Consider moving a tad bit quickly if your sensitive to sounds like myself.



Upon arrival, I took the liberty to take the Hero to my work place and used them for a full day. My expectations were met! I put them through a full day with a barber and I was quite impressed. They had semi sharp lines, and they never pulled or got stuck. Even though these blade came adjusted, they weren't the sharpest. Don't get me wrong, your average Joe will tell you otherwise, But as a barber. Being exposed to a ton of clippers. I didn't quite get the sharpest lines. 

Then again, I DID NOT ADJUST MY CLIPPERS. I used them straight out of the box. I've seen a ton of barbers use these after they have adjusted them and boy, they smack harder than your momma smacked you after you cursed in front of her for the first time,

Inside the box


Inside the packaging, you will find a variety of accessories to compliment the Hero. The clippers include your standard instructions, clipper oil, small brush and a set of 3 guards.


  • #1/2 (1.5mm)
  • #1 (3mm)
  • #1 1/2 (4.5mm)


It also comes with (what I thought was freaking sick!) a tool to adjust your Hero even more closer than they already are! That's a plus! Clippers will never have that! Shit, most won't even come "zero-gapped"(adjusted closely). These clippers come adjust straight out the box! This is huge for those who don't know how to adjust their clipper. Even for those who want something they can use right away.

(learn how to adjust your clippers HERE)


  • 100-240 volts
  • 5,000 rpm Rotary
  • T-Blade
  • 100 grams (about a quarter pound)

Who's it for?

As a professional Barber, I liked them. They're compact, adjustable, and good out of the box. I approve them for the barbershop environment. So if you're a barber looking to pickup some liners for a reasonable price. Go ahead and try them out! You might be $40 dollars away from your next greatest line up!

If you're someone who's rocking a real crisp lineup, a well groomed beard, a sharp chin strap, or just want to clean up the loose hairs around your neck and ears. These might want to be added to your christmas list! If you're looking for a personal care grooming clipper. I approve for all you "Average Joe's"


The reason why I took down a star is simply because I didn't get that professional feel when I used them. I'm very particular when it comes down to choosing "the right" liners. Weight, size and power are all a factor! despite all the good things about the clippers. I simply couldn't work with how small the clippers were. The Hero's have all the features of a great clipper but the "feel" was the feature that was missing.