What is a Barber #1 The Welcome

Im really excited to announce this new series that will be concentrating it’s topics to help a beginning barber, an experienced barber who wants to refresh his/her memory or even an average Joe who wants a good read. In this series we’ll be covering tips and tricks, building clientele, proper practices, the “do"s and "dont’s," networking and even social media.

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DON Barber and Groom Facebook Instagram

Kind of intimidating right? Well, it can and probably will be. All of these subjects are factors to a barber’s “nowaday" lives. Some might be helpful hints and some might be monumental necessities. Regardless of which topics you decide are beneficial, I feel like one might be helpful to your barber lifestyle.

As time goes by, the more attention is being given to the male grooming industry. It’s actually  getting a lot more attention now more than ever. It's almost becoming a trend. There's no doubt that this industry can be rewarding and lucrative, but as a barber, I feel obligated to let you know what really does matter and what doesn’t. What steps you can take in order to better yourself as a barber. I’m not saying I’m the best nor am I saying I’m better than you. What I do know is that I have a great understanding of this industry. But even with a "great understanding,” I know I have more to learn. You must treat every day as if you were still learning. If that’s not the case, then maybe you shouldn’t be in this industry(or any industry at that).

Wanting to learn something you already know is what separates you from someone who does it just for the money, to someone who actually loves their craft.

I want to see this industry turn to the right direction and not into the wrong. I've been seeing awesome practices throughout social media and in real life scenarios, BUT I’ve also been seeing the bad. This industry is a hustle and a grind, but it’s also a beautiful industry to get into. That is if you do it with the right intentions.


Pretty much what I want you to understand is..


We don’t "just cut hair."

We listen.

We share.


We provide.

Believe it or not, it sometimes isn’t about the haircut. It’s about the energy you push out in front of you. You don’t know what your client is going or been through, but I bet if you follow/remember those 3 simple principles while your providing the service, the client will not only enjoy the haircut but he’ll appreciate the service and genuineness that comes with it.


Tim Avalos "Topshelf Grooming"  Facebook   |   Instagram

Tim Avalos "Topshelf Grooming" Facebook | Instagram


One quote that really got me was...

"Not too many people can tell between a good haircut and a great haircut, but everybody can tell between great customer service and bad customer service."


This quote is something I try to live by every day I enter the barbershop. Remembering this phrase is what gets me through my day and maybe it will for you. Not only that, I guarantee your client will appreciate that as well.

So once again. Im happy to announce this series of discussion topics between us barbers or average Joes! Hopefully this series can better you just as much as it will better myself.

Remember, people aren’t paying for just your haircut, they are paying for your service, your energy, your passion, and your love that goes behind the chair.


Now that you know what this topic will be about, answer me this.

What makes you different?




Let me know what kind of content you would like to see in this series in the comments section below.


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