Austin Fuller

Location | San Antonio & Three Rivers, Texas | Instagram

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Some of Austin's work.

Why am I a barber?

I am a barber simply because I am.

I love making a person look good because there's much that follows when you look good,  and everyone knows that when you look good you feel good. A person can come in after having one hell of a day and just after 30-45min of great service and some conversation and a couple of laughs can leave with a whole different outlook on their day by the time they walk out that door. And at the end of each day I go home satisfied and hungry for the next day! And thats why I am a barber.


-Austin Fuller @AF_barber

Gerson Hernandez

Location | San Mateo, CA | Shane's Barbershop & Shave Parlour | Instagram

Some of Gerson's Work

Why am I a Barber?

"I'm a barber because I've grown to value this trade, this craft, and this culture. But above all, valuing each and every single person that sits in MY chair. At the end, it's all about the relationships you build with strangers that become friends or practically family. THAT matters more than cutting people as fast as you can. Getting people in and out like a Machine... well-- that doesn't last.

I'm a barber that has failed at times, but that has been open to learn from it and just grow. Cutting out the BS and focusing on being me behind the chair and respect barbering in general. If it wasn't for the genuine people that return to you and sit in your chair, me nor any other barber wouldn't have a trade/job. We take that for granted at times.

I am a barber cause I want to approach every client with respect. Whether I'm a barber who wears a TIE, a barber who wears a PLAIN BLACK T-SHIRT or even just a Smock... Regardless, what speaks at the end is how professional you were and how genuine our service as barbers was .

Being a BARBER is about the people, NOT the money...

If you get it you get it."


-Gerson Hernandez